Biofield Tuning Testimonials

“My sessions with Juliet have been so incredibly powerful and helpful. Juliet has this beautiful ability to be strong, compassionate, focused and caring all at the same time. She can hold the space for big shifts to unfold naturally and is a true healer. In my sessions with her I have received clarity and big releases always leading to a feeling of lightness and peace afterwards. I am very grateful for her and the Biofield tuning sessions in my life.”
– Gabriella A.

“Before I worked with Juliet I hadn’t heard of Biofield Tuning. It was an awesome experience and so spot on. In the three sessions I had with Juliet, she was able to pin point times in my life where I had previous challenges and help me release them. She did this in a very safe and loving way. I felt so much lighter after the sessions. I would highly recommend this gifted energy worker.”
– Colette R.

“I recently had three Biofield Tuning sessions with Juliet not knowing what to expect. I was blown away by the power of the tuning. The vibration that was given me by the tuning forks was so strong it moved my whole body. I have arthritis in my knees and the pain went from an 8 to a 1. There was no more throbbing pain in my knees. My body felt lighter and refreshed. Juliet has a great understanding of the tuning process and explained to me in terms I could understand what was happening throughout the sessions. I highly recommend her for all your aches and pains. She listens and produces results.”
– JC

“The Biofield Tuning sessions were both relaxing and energizing. I was very conscious of energy moving through my body during the sessions. After the first session I swam for well over an hour without a break. I felt completely infused with a bright energy that I could not account for. It was an amazing experience.”
– Jennie B.

“Juliet is an intuitive and gifted healer, her loving presence allowed me to relax and go deep within. During my sessions, I remembered earlier emotional injuries without being re-traumatized. After my sessions, I became aware of the patterns I had created and saw my food obsession for what it was; a way to hide from my life. Since then I have made lasting changes in my behavior to create a more meaningful and productive life.”
– Adell H.

“My distance biofield tuning session with Juliet helped me to connect the dots on forgotten parts of my past. As she moved through my biofield, and my life thus far, she spoke with care and compassion, helping me to remember how things impacted me. After the session, I felt like I had received a few missing pieces to the puzzle that has led me to develop belief systems today that have become blockages. Thank you Juliet!”
– Lauren R.

Soul Readings Testimonials

“In my Soul Reading I felt like Juliet really connected with my soul and what it wanted me to know. Her reading left me feeling uplifted, empowered and validated.”
– D’Aun M.

“My Soul Reading was a great experience. Juliet saw pictures that I felt as significant and helped me see my life in a new way. She gave me valuable guidance and direction. Juliet did this reading in a very loving and positive way. Felt great.”
– Nikki G.

“My Soul Reading with Juliet was amazing. She reinforced the thoughts I was thinking and validated the new path I was making for myself.”
– Michael C.

“I truly enjoyed my Soul Reading with Juliet. The love that she talked about felt so right on with what I feel my soul’s mission is about. I loved the visualization of the fountain with my love over flowing. I also felt like she touched my soul. I would highly recommend it.”
– Colette R.

Energy Coaching Management Testimonials

“I was first connected to Juliet because my friend thought she would be able to help me with my “out of control empathy”.  The coaching sessions were valuable because, although people may listen to me, Juliet made me feel heard and seen. She uses a gentle and supportive approach, which helped me look at my psyche and fears with true honesty, understanding what was blocking me consciously as well as subconsciously. She provided me with helpful tools to manage my energy and the energy around me. Juliet is a true mentor, healer and confidant. I am always filled with a sense of my true self and deep peace after my coaching and biofield tuning sessions.”
– Katie M.