Love Is Looking

I look at you
through eyes
that see only love
I could look at you
for hours
connecting my heart
to yours
if it helped you remember
you are not the wounds
your identity has
cloaked you in
if it helped you shed
the layers of fear, of pain
that cover your heart
if my looking
helped you find
the forgiveness to clear your shame
I would never stop.

©Juliet Rains

Your Soul’s Song

You can’t see it.
You can’t hold it.
You can’t buy it.

You have to find it
like a hummingbird
finds the morning glory,
like a baby
finds the mother’s breasts,
like roots of a sycamore
finds water.

Once you find it
feel it
be it
breathe it.

It is the love song of your soul
that was sung
before you were born
waiting for you
to remember its tune.


©Juliet Rains

The Ultimate Prayer

STOP I mean really
doing, trying, analyzing
and actually feel yourself inside of you
let your breath become the only thing you sense
let the rhythm of that in and out flow
take you deeper into you
close your eyes
don’t be afraid
for you are finally meeting
the spiritual spark
that lights
the divine body
that is you.


©Juliet Rains

Start There

You want peace, you want enlightenment
then I ask you, “Do you love and accept yourself no matter what?”
If not, start there…


©Juliet Rains

Wake up, Wake up

I hear your call
it is in the whisper of the wind
in the light of the moon
in the warmth of the sun
wake up, wake up.

It is in the joy and the love
in the suffering and the sorrow
wake up, wake up.

It is in the people who come
in the people that leave
wake up, wake up.

It is in everything
wake up, wake up.


©Juliet Rains

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