I wake at 5am and note that the summer is starting to shift. The morning light is blue-grey not filled with the orange hues of a month ago. I put on my forest green running shorts with the side pockets and a white tank top. I get my puck and 528 tuning fork, which is the frequency of love, and head out to the Salt River reservation which is at the end of my street. I am on my way to greet the sun and do a combination of qigong, yoga, and energy movements barefoot connecting to Mother Earth.

I have been doing this practice for over a year. It started out as a ten-minute mind exercise but now has become a thirty-minute heart practice. I could not have done this ten years ago because I would not have been able to let myself be that close to myself. I am grateful for the inner work done to bring me to this place today.

My practice begins with honoring the Sun/God, Mother Earth/Oceans, and Moon/Stars/Clouds. Receiving their healing gifts and giving gratitude for their presence. Then I do a shamanic protection ritual to help me keep my energy my own. The exercises flow one into the other and give my body a much needed hello. I end my practice with grounding myself, honoring the four directions, sending the Net of Light around and into Mother Earth, praying that everyone finds peace, joy, happiness, love and self-acceptance and sending love everywhere and to everyone with my 528 tuning fork.

It has become a simple practice with rich rewards because it has become a part of me.  What practice can you do each day that brings you home to you?  If you do not know, I invite you to follow your breath, breathe in your nose, filling your lower belly, emptying your belly, breathe out your nose. Repeat until you are more connected to your breath than your mind.