These characters include more than 60,000 official accounts—for example, Lawson and Tokopedia’s customer service bots, Pokemon, Tecent and Netease’s chatbots, and even real human celebrities such as the singers of Guoyun Entertainment. XiaoIce has made these characters “alive” by bringing various capabilities including chatting, providing services, sharing knowledge, and creating contents. Figure 14 shows a few example comments generated by the competing systems in Table 4. Implementation of the conversation engine relies heavily on A/B testing to evaluate if a new module or a new dialogue skill is going to improve an existing component. This is possible because XiaoIce has attracted a large number of active users since her launch in 2014.

For example, the model produces “Of course, I love you, Emily,” in response to the input from Emily, and generates “Of course I love you. Social chatbots require a sufficiently high intelligence quotient to acquire a range of skills to keep up with the users and help them complete specific tasks. More importantly, social chatbots also require a sufficient emotional quotient to meet users’ emotional needs, such as emotional affection and social belonging, which are among the fundamental needs for human beings . Integration of both IQ and EQ is core to XiaoIce’s system design. Section2 casts a social chat as a hierarchical decision-making process using the mathematical framework of options over MDPs. Although the formulation provides a useful design principle, it remains to be proved the effectiveness of having a unified modeling framework for system development.

Growing A Business

In summary, these features can be grouped into four categories. As of July 2018, XiaoIce has been deployed on more than 40 platforms, and has attracted 660 million active users. XiaoIce-generated TV and radio programs have covered Conversational AI Key Differentiator 9 top satellite TV stations, and have attracted audiences of over 800 million weekly active viewers. Figure 15 shows that a user uses XiaoIce to make an FM program for her mother for the coming Chinese Spring Festival.