Life can be overwhelming, especially if you are sensitive or empathic to the energy around you.  Many people don’t realize that they can become senior to the energy around them by learning tools to manage that energy.  Through my many years of training at Aesclepion and the Church of Intuitive Insights, I learned tools to manage the energy around and in me.

In Energy Management Coaching, I will share tools with you so you can better navigate the energy around and in you.  This will allow you to be more grounded, protected from people draining your energy as well as you taking on other people’s energy.  I will also incorporate my intuitive abilities, providing you with guidance on day-to-day life issues. 

Sessions can be done in person or over the phone. 


“I was first connected to Juliet because my friend thought she would be able to help me with my “out of control empathy”.  The coaching sessions were valuable because, although people may listen to me, Juliet made me feel heard and seen. She uses a gentle and supportive approach, which helped me look at my psyche and fears with true honesty, understanding what was blocking me consciously as well as subconsciously. She provided me with helpful tools to manage my energy and the energy around me. Juliet is a true mentor, healer and confidant. I am always filled with a sense of my true self and deep peace after my coaching and biofield tuning sessions.”
– Katie M.

Energy Management Pricing: $100 /1 Hour Session 

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