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– Juliet’s Offerings – 

Classic Biofield Tuning 

A one-hour session that a client relaxes on a massage table while the practitioner uses tuning forks in the client’s biofield. The client may or may not experience sensations in their body. The tuning forks identify the distortions in the field, allowing the body to harmonize with itself again thus liberating the body from old patterns of stress and reactivity, producing an increase in circulation leading to greater balance, centeredness and peace.  Conducted in person or remotely.

Biofield Tuning Pricing:
$100 per session

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Adrenal Reset

A recalibration of the rhythm of the adrenal glands.  Most adrenal glands react to stress by staying in the on position. This type of tuning allows the clients adrenals to release the “fight or flight” response. This is beneficial for people with sleep, anxiety or digestive issues.  Recommended to have a Biofield Tuning session before doing an adrenal reset.  

Adrenal Reset Pricing:
$100 per session

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Couples/Relationship or an Area of Concern Tuning

This is done with two people (husband/wife, siblings, parents/children, etc.) or one person and an area of concern (money, health, etc.). The tuning focuses on the biofield between the people or the concern. It identifies the places where interactions or beliefs are unhealthy, allowing them to create a more balanced relationship with the person or the concern.  

Couples/Relationship to an Area of Concern Tuning Pricing:
$100 per session

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Sonic Meridian Flush

In a 90-minute sound massage tuning forks and crystals are used directly on the body. It opens the body’s energy pathways, restoring circulation and flow. Clients feel more relaxed and energized.

Sonic Meridian Flush Pricing:
$125 per 90-minute session

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Seated chair session are an efficient way to receive a Biofield Tuning session during an event.  The session focuses on areas of tension in the body, for example – shoulder/neck tension.

Seated sessions usually last 20 minutes and are performed in offices, health fairs or speaking engagements so are generally free.

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Soul Readings 

In this hour session the client receives channeled messages that provide guidance, insight and healing to foster the client’s soul growth and awareness.

Soul Reading Pricing:
$100 per session

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Energy Management Coaching 

In this half hour or hour interactive coaching session the client is provided with guidance and tools to manage their energy and day-to-day life issues.

Energy Management Coaching Pricing:
$50 – Thirty Minute Session
$100 – One Hour Session

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Crystal Healing 

In this half hour/hour session a client benefits from the healing properties of crystals to restore balance to the physical, mental and emotional body.

Crystal Healing Pricing:
$60 for 30/45 minute chakra balancing session
$100 for full crystal healing session

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* All sessions can be conducted in person or remotely.
* Please note that due to the significant effects of Biofield Tuning, there are some contraindications, which include, but are not limited to: pregnancy or trying to become pregnant, pacemaker or defibrillator, cancer or terminal illness. Be sure to tell your practitioner if you have these or any other health issues prior to your treatment.