About Juliet Rains

I am a Sound and Alternative Healing Practitioner specializing in Biofield Tuning. 

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Hi, I am Juliet

I am a Sound and Alternative Healing Practitioner specializing in Biofield Tuning. I work with sound vibration, energy and your body’s wisdom to help you bring more coherence and balance to your body, mind and spirit — ultimately helping you find your way back home to you. I create a safe and loving space for you to relax, identify, and break free from any limiting beliefs, painful memories, and/or ancestral patterns, allowing your body to find its own natural rhythm again. Depending on what your body needs I will incorporate crystals, channeling, transmediumship and/or Reiki in Biofield Tuning sessions, as well as separate sessions in each modality.

My path to becoming a healer was not an easy one. I needed to heal myself by facing my deep-seated fears and insecurities, which led to anorexia then ultimately to bulimia. Although I had significant professional success working in healthcare for over 25 years as a corporate executive, bulimia was a coping mechanism for the stress and feelings I couldn’t understand or express.

Being born an empath, I absorbed everyone else’s feelings, which made it nearly impossible to separate and identify my own. It took a lot of work to learn how to manage the energy around me as an empath. I also was dealing with lifetimes of self-hatred that was really destructive and painful. What people saw on the outside was not what I felt on the inside.

I am grateful for this history as it led me on a journey into my own psyche, seeking help from many different healers and modalities in the United States, Philippines, Peru, Brazil, Mexico and China.

I have a deep love and compassion for others and am able to hold space for others to feel whatever they feel.  We are all on this journey together but with different soul lessons. I used to think that one day I would have this epiphany moment when I would be completely healed. I was always searching for someone to provide that, until I realized that healers are guides lighting the way for me to find my own answers. My journey has been a path back home to me, which is why I would be honored to help you find your way back home to you.

“Your answers are only as far away as you are from yourself.”   Juliet


  • Biofield Tuning Certified Practitioner
  • Channeling I and II Arthur Ford International Mediumship Academy Delphi University
  • Crystal Healing I and II Delphi University
  • Five Year Trance Medium Program from Aesclepion in San Rafael and the Church of Intuitive Insights in San Diego – certified to give spiritual healings and counseling to foster a person’s soul growth and awareness
  • Hatha Yoga 200 hour
  • Mediumship from the Metaphysical Temple of the Universe in Baguio City, Philippines
  • Reiki I and II in the Usui Tradition – Sedona